Pet Blow Mould Manufacturing

The core of the Roeders Vietnam PET Blow Mould Manufac­turing are the high speed and high precision machines from Roeders Germany. Those machines ensure the highest possible quality level for PET blow moulds.

In close cooper­ation with the blow mould department of the Roeders GmbH in Germany an extensive laboratory for testing and over 40 years in PET bottle design are available for the devel­opment of new PET packaging projects. The laboratory is certified by renowned beverage producers worldwide. Sample bottles are produced on a production blow moulding machine. Blow moulds for different types and gener­a­tions of blowing machines from the leading manufac­turers (Krones, KHS, Sidel etc.) may be produced in Roeders Vietnam.

Blow mould manufacturing with Roeders own High Speed Cutting machines

Blow moulds for PET bottles